FoalWatch Foaling Test Kits



FoalWatch Foaling Test Kits


Normal pregnancy length can vary widely in the mare. Thus many nights can be spent waiting up for the mare to foal. Physical signs of the mare’s approaching readiness for foaling include an appropriate gestation length of greater than 320 days, udder enlargement with the presence of colostrum (milk) in the teats, waxing on the teat ends and relaxation of the vulva. While helpful, none of these signs are extremely accurate as a means of predicting when the mare will foal. Recent studies of pre-foaling milk (mammary secretion) electrolyte changes have demonstrated an increased ability to predict foaling time. These electrolyte changes (especially with regard to calcium level) have also been shown to be related to the development of maturity of the foal in the uterus and its subsequent survivability (viability) following a normal delivery.

This kit has been developed from years of extensive research and testing. The intent is to assist you in determining when the mare is likely to foal based upon changes in the pre-foaling milk calcium level. It is a tool that can allow you to attend your mare’s foaling without an excessive number of sleepless nights.

The advantages of this kit include its accuracy and repeatability compared with other test kits on the market, its ease of use, its quantitative determination of the calcium carbonate level in each sample tested and its economy.

Eliminates Nightly Foal Sitting
Because FoalWatch is based on proven chemistry, you can rest easier at night. The test measures the concentration of calcium in the mare’s colostrum, which rises sharply before birth. Simply begin testing once or twice a day about 2 weeks before the mare’s due date. When the calcium concentration consistently exceeds 200 parts per million (ppm), the birth is imminent.

Safe and Easy to Use
FoalWatch contains no hazardous or toxic chemicals, is non-invasive, and requires no medical training to run. When the test is completed, the ampoule can be discarded with household waste.

Veterinarian Recommended
Veterinarians at leading equine medical centres have evaluated FoalWatch as a foaling aid and call it “convenient, reliable and safe for mare, foal, producer and veterinarian alike”*

*Ley, W.B., Hoffman, J.L., et al “Daytime Management of the Mare: 1: Pre-Foaling Mammary Secretions testing”

Contains Everything You Need to Test
FoalWatch comes complete with 20 titres test ampoules, a test tube for collecting mare’s milk, a bottle of distilled water, syringe, sample cup, and complete instructions.

Each kit contains 20 individual tests

Here is a demo video of how to use the kit: