*NEW* Invaluable ‘Better Beginnings Guide’ for breeders now available

We are really delighted to share with you The British Horse Foundation’s incredible “BETTER BEGINNINGS: FROM INCEPTION TO 2 YEARS OLD GUIDE”

This comprehensive guide, consisting of video talks as well as written content walks you through every step of breeding from initial selection of mare and stallion, through genomics, care of the pregnant mare and newborn foal, weaning to 2yrs old, amongst other topics. This is an absolutely unparalled guide and huge thanks go to all the people who contributed to the production of it

The guide is split into 8 Advice Notes, which break the information down into bite size chunks adding valuable new information that can be consumed by anyone, whether you are just interested in breeding, are a first-time breeder or a stud owner. The Advice Notes and their accompanying links will direct you to a number of carefully curated outside sources, which include the recordings of the experts from the roundtable event as well as Pony Club webinars which give an overview of the basics of breeding. Each Advice Note focuses on specific action points that may challenge accepted thinking and long held beliefs

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