Lordships Graffalo win Badminton and we look at the influence of his damline

If Carlsberg did damlines… 

Congratulations to Ros Canter on winning Badminton Horse Trials CCI5* on Lordships Graffalo, and coming 9th on his maternal sister Pencos Crown Jewel  

These two horses come from possibly one of the most consistently proven damlines in the world of eventing… ever…

Below is a screenshot of the damline of Cornish Gem from our website. Cornish Gem is full sister to Cornish Queen the dam of both Lordships Graffalo and Pencos Crown Jewel, and therefore has an identical damline pedigree… 

EVERY generation has successful International horses (and note the CCI3*s are now CCI4* events, and CCI4*s are now what we call CCI5*…)

Breeding top horses doesn’t have to be a matter of chance, they CAN be consistently bred in the same way top thoroughbreds, jumpers and dressage horses are – Bridget Parker, founder of this damline has proven this.

Obviously nature isn’t everything and correct nurturing and production are critical to turn a diamond in the rough into a polished gem… however, breeding does not have to be game of chance… you can stack the odds in your favour if you apply what’s been known for centuries in thoroughbred breeding – focus on the damline… Lordships Graffalo and Pencos Crown Jewel have different sires, but the same dam.



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