Don’t forget the Early Bird discount on Stud Fees when paid before 28th February!

Don’t forget the Early Bird discount on Stud Fees when paid before 28th February!

Future Sport Horses is delighted to offer some fabulous Stud Fee Offers including the Early Bird bonus of a £25 discount off any stud fee when the it is paid in full before 28th February. We are delighted to be able to offer the following range of Stud Fee Offers for 2008:

  1. If you are rebreeding to any of our stallions you will be eligible for a £50 discount off their stud fee.
  2. If you present a foal by any of our stallions at the BEF Futurity Gradings and get a First Premium you will be eligible for £25 off their stud fee when you rebreed to one of our stallions.
  3. If you pay your stud fee in full before 28th February 2008 you will be eligible for £25 off the stud fee.
  4. Concessions are available on several of our stallions for proven mares.
  5. Concessions are available for multiple mare bookings.

Remember that for Future Illusion, Desir du Chateau and Ulysses M2S we offer the fantastic terms of – LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE. This means we will continue to provide semen for as long as it takes for a live foal to be produced, or until you decide not to proceed any longer. With NFFR terms you lose the right to a free return if your mare loses her foal after the 1st October in the year she was covered, but with Live Foal Guarantee if your mare is unfortunate enough to abort her foal after October 1st or her foal is born dead, you are STILL eligible for a FREE return. This minimes the risk of wasting stud fees without producing the foal you’ve waited for.

We pride ourselves on offering some of the best terms available and look forward to helping you realise the dreams you have with your mare. Your foal is our goal.



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