Bishop Burton College students visit Future Sport Horses

We were delighted to be visited by one of the leading agricultural colleges this week whose students were studying an equine reproduction module as part of their degrees.  We showed them our 3 resident stallions Future Gravitas, Future Hepsilon and Future Illusion and discussed stallion management. We discussed the collection of a stallion and semen processing and they were able to see the centrifuge at work and resulting semen on the iSperm.

They then looked around the foaling boxes and stocks, and met our latest arrival. We discussed our process at foaling using the Foalwatch kits and each of the milestones in the foaling and post foaling care plan.  

We also walked the paddocks and talked about worm management and care of paddocks.  We also discussed some of the business and marketing aspects of having a stud.

Fingers crossed some of these guys will be interested in a career in Equine Breeding and Stud Management in the future and help progress our industry



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