Affordable and exciting new Syndication programme launched for Future Sport Horses!

Affordable and exciting new Syndication programme launched for Future Sport Horses!

We are thrilled to be able to announce the launch of a new programme of syndication opportunities for our leading young horses. Using racehorse syndication as a model, Future Sport Horses will syndicate potential top-level equine candidates into 100 shares, resulting in affordable share price and monthly training fees. Young horses are reviewed annually, and a select number are made available for syndication. Each horse has its own terms and conditions, but all horses are covered by the umbrella syndicate “Future Sport Horses Syndicate”. The share price for each horse available for syndication will vary depending on their level of training and potential.

The Syndicate has several aims –

  1. You – To create a team of like-minded supporters who wish to enjoy the skill and thrill of our sport, whilst developing new friendships through a shared interest, in beautiful settings throughout the United Kingdom, in an affordable way.
  2. The Horses – To continue the fabulous education they are receiving from British Olympic rider Jeanette Brakewell in order to reach their full potential

The first horse made available for syndication is Future Genie, who is the eldest sibling to Olympic Individual Silver medallist and three-time winner of the Kentucky Rolex CCI****, ‘Winsome Adante’. Winsome Adante is one of the most successful event horses ever bred in the United Kingdom. Sold to America as a young horse and has done the majority of his winning wearing the Stars and Stripes rather than the Union Jack.

So if you’ve always wanted to own an event horse but felt it was out of reach, think again! You can now own a share in an up and coming young horse who is being ridden by one of Britains best riders!

To read more about this very exciting development click here:—> Future Sport Horses Syndicate



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