“A horse gallops with his lungs, perseveres with his heart,
and wins with his character”




Our breeding philosophy utilises some of the principles of the great Federico Tesio who was known as the “Leonardo da Vinci of horse racing” because of his skill in selecting matings, and “The wizard of Dormello” because of the disproportionate success he had given the relatively small number of horses bred.  Those successes included breeding the legendary Nearco and Ribot amongst others

Tesio understood the importance of the transmission of genetic traits in reproduction.  He placed the focus firmly on the breadth and depth of performance in families and reinforcement of dominant ancestors through careful line breeding

In horse breeding it is widely understood that the damline is the most important factor influencing performance of the offspring, which is why Thoroughbreds have the Bruce Lowe family numbering system and many Warmblood studbooks have the ‘Stamm’ damline identification.  We believe that by breeding from families saturated with dam line performance in particular, there is a higher than average probability that their offspring will inherit the DNA for the physical and mental performance attributes, because they have been shown to be reliably passed through the generations.

An analogy might be that by focussing on dam line performance in the mare and stallion we are in effect using two ‘loaded’ dice in our breeding programme – where the dice are pre-set to land showing the higher numbers of 4, 5 and 6 – increasing the odds of higher combined scores – or in breeding terms, increasing the probability that the DNA associated with these high-performance attributes is being passed to their offspring.

Our roster of stallions include multiple award winning sires which have been used by knowledgeable breeders around the world including Queen Elizabeth II, and Olympians Mary King and Kristina Cook. They descend from families that have won medals at the Olympic Games and World Championships, as well as CCI5* winners. In their own right they are International Event Horses, Young Event Horse Finalists and National Dressage Championship Finalists. They have produced CCI4* event horses, HOYS Supreme Champions, National Dressage Champions, Sunshine Tour showjumping winners and National Futurity Champions.
"I believe that breeding is one of several vital components in a top class event horse and in working with Future Sport Horses we’re helping to tick one of those boxes"
Izzy Taylor
Senior Team GBR Medallist
& Young Event Horse World Championship Winner

We have a herd of high quality broodmares and also undertake embryo transfer from our best sport mares who have some of the world’s most sought after eventing bloodlines, such as Heraldik xx, Contendro I, Hand in Glove xx, Cruising, Ben Faerie xx, and Rock King.


Keeping Pace


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